Midtown Garden Market (previously known as Midtown Market or “the flower store under the bridge”  has been in existence as a flower store for 20 years.  Tom Morris was the original owner of the operation.  Beginning as a little flower and produce store, he expanded the business.  “We take great pride in knowing that we stepped into a business with such a wonderful reputation.  The quality of the plants sold here has been exceptional from the beginning as we are told by locals who have frequented the business for years."

We strive to provide unique, inspiring ideas to share with our customers and encourage them to experiment with creativity in their own gardens whatever size they may be. We realize that HE is the maker and provides the canvas for us to create our own havens using HIS tools. This business is a blessing and we treasure the friendships we have made and appreciate the support of our customers.

The business is primarily retail with only a few wholesale customers. Landscapers are welcome to come see what we offer and buy wholesale all season long.